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At our last Annual Meeting a resolution was agreed creating four different groups of membership, recognising the progress and growth which Bell View has made and the increase in services delivered in rural North Northumberland.

Bell View would like to invite you to become a full member or life member, with the rights and privileges outlined in the leaflet.

The annual membership subscription would be £10 for full members and a single subscription of £100 for life members, which provides useful funding and assistance with administrative costs.

If you wish to become a member please fill in the appropriate part of the leaflet and return it with your remittance or completed standing order mandate to Bell View. Cheques should be made payable to Bell View (Belford).

If you are a tax payer we would be grateful if you would fill in the gift aid declaration and return this to Bell View. This enables the charity to recover tax from HMRC without any additional cost to you.

We greatly value your support, and even if you do not wish to become a full member or a life member, we would welcome you as an associate member by completing the appropriate part of the leaflet, and returning it to us.

If you wish to find out more about us before joining please contact one of the staff at Bell View who will be happy to talk to you.

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